How To Sell Videos, Photos & Other Media Files In WordPress?

There are various methods of selling media files from your WordPress website. There are extensions such as ‘WooCommerce HSS Extension for Streaming Video’ & ‘Easy Digital Downloads HSS Extension for Streaming Video’ extension for popular WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins.+

In this lesson you will learn about some easy ways of selling photos, videos, prints, PDFs and other media files on your website even if you don’t have any pre-configured eCommerce plugin.

Sell Media

This WordPress plugin is a popular one, the plugin adds a new custom post type and allows you to sell photos, prints, videos and PDF’s online through your WordPress website in seconds.

Sell Media 3

It provides you almost everything you need to sell your photography online. Plugin also comes with a pro version that simply extends its functionality and provides you more controls.

With ‘Sell Media’ plugin you can:

  • Sell photos, galleries, videos, pdf’s and other digital files. Sell Media 2
  • Create you own stock photo or video site.
  • Charge licensing fees for commercial, editorial, or personal usages.
  • Allows you to protect your file you can m
  • Accept payments via PayPal. Additional payment gateways are also available.

Start by installing ‘Sell Media’ plugin

Once activated, the plugin adds a new admin menu ‘Sell Media’ on your admin area dashboard. Here you can add new products (your media files) manage old one and set configuration settings etc.

Sell Media 1

To set this plugin up on your website:

  1. Visit your admin area dashboard Sell Media -> Settings and configure your selling preferences.
  2. Insert the required shortcodes onto your preferred pages.
  3. Complete the 3 required steps to integrate PayPal with your website.
  4. Start uploading your first item to sell (Sell Media -> Add New) page.

For detailed instructions, visit official documentation of this plugin.

Sell Downloads

This is another good eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell all kinds of downloadable files such as audio, video, documents, pictures and anything that can be published on online.

Unlike to other eCommerce plugins, “Sell Downloads” doesn’t need any of previous data. With “Sell Downloads” you are only required to define the PayPal data and the products to sell.

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