How To Share Media Library Files Across WordPress Multisite Network?

Each website on a WordPress multisite network has its own media library and users cannot access media files uploaded from other website in a WordPress multisite network environ.

Although WordPress multisite network shares the codebase of core, themes and plugins but each media library is kept separate. In this lesson you will learn about sharing media files network wide so that you don’t have to upload same file on every website.

Network Shared Media plugin allows you to share media files across your WordPress multisite network so that files can also be used and access from other susbsites.

Start by installing ‘Network Shared Media’ plugin in WordPress

Upon network activation, the plugin automatically adds a new tab ‘Network Shared Media’ to the “Add Media” thick box. This new tab allows users to access media files of other blogs and websites hosted on your network.

Network Shared Media 1

Click ‘Network Shared Media’ and it will open up media files uploaded on other websites, you simply need to click ‘Show’ followed by ‘Insert into Post’ link.

One limitation of this plugin is that you cannot use images for generating post thumbnails i.e. featured images. Otherwise the plugin is good and works same as advertised.

One thought on “How To Share Media Library Files Across WordPress Multisite Network?”

  1. Hi,

    A month ago I faced the same challenge and stumbled across this article, and thought to share an update now, although I’m basically promoting my own product: (I still think it’s an honest thing to do as many users out there are looking for a solution to their problem)

    As I didn’t find any good solution (paid or free), I as a PHP developer decided to develop my own plugin. IMO opinion it is more powerful and easier to use than the earlier alternatives (of which none seem to be up-to-date with current WP), and it keeps the media library clean.

    Look the demo and give it a try!

    I’d be more than happy to hear feedback from users and get feature requests on which direction we should continue the development.


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