How To Create YouTube Data API Key?

There are two types of YouTube API keys: YouTube Data API & YouTube Analytics API. YouTube Data API key is generally used by application developers and webmasters who integrate YouTube features like creating playlists, managing and uploading videos etc inside their apps.

In this lesson you will learn about creating and obtaining a YouTube Data API key.

First thing you need to do is login to Google Developers Console here using your Google Account.

Step-1 Once you are logged in, click ‘Create Project’ button on the left top corner. Give a name to your project and click ‘Create’ button.

Step-2 In three-four seconds (sometimes even more) you are automatically directed to your new app’s Project page.

Step-3 Click ‘API & Auth’ from left sidebar and then select API from the sub-navigation dropdown.

Step-4 This opens up API Library page, click ‘YouTube Data API’ followed by ‘Enable API’ button on the next page. Again it will take three-four seconds then click ‘Credentials’ from left side ‘API & Auth’ menu.

Step-5 Under the ‘Public API Access’ section, click ‘Create New Key’ button followed by ‘Create’ button.

That’s it, now you may copy the API key and use it wherever you like.

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