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How To Sell Digital Books On Your WordPress Ecommerce Website?

By registering your domain name and subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce you can make your website to start selling anything online including eBooks or any digital or physical product.

This lesson will guide you on how you can set up your website using WordPress Ecommerce and sell eBooks through it. You will also learn how you can connect your website with the books you sell on Google Play Books as well as Amazon Kindle.

Once you subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce, its automated step-by-step process will connect your domain name to your eCommerce website, and then you will be taken to your admin area dashboard from where you can control each and every aspect of your website.

Since you want to sell books, you will have to configure some digital download settings so that you can sell digital products such as eBooks using your eCommerce website.

Disable The Shipping Option, You Don’t Need It

You are selling digital goods such as books and files so you don’t need a shipping option on your website. Navigate to the Shipping tab on WooCommerce -> Settings page and make sure that the ‘Enable Shipping’ option is unchecked.

Enable The Global Selling Option

Shipping is no more an issue for you, the eBooks can be sold to all countries so turn on the global selling option. Simply navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings page and select the option to sell your products to all countries. Next, select the default currency in which you are selling the book.

Enable Customers To Purchase & Download Books

On WooCommerce -> Settings page, open the Products tab and click Downloadable Products to select the File Download Method and Force Downloads. You may also set Access Restrictions based on your preferences such as enabling access to downloadable products after payment or requiring customers to log in for accessing downloads.

Configure The Payment Option

On WooCommerce -> Settings page, click the Checkout tab and select a payment option. You can enable PayPal by adding your PayPal email. You may also use other payment options such as direct bank transfer, credit & debit card payments, etc as per your requirement.

Add & Sell eBooks Or Digital Products

Navigate to Products -> Add New page for adding a book for sale. You will need to enter the book title, descriptions, select featured image, etc then scroll down to the Product Data meta box and tick the ‘Virtual’ & ‘Downloadable’ options.

SKU is no more required. Enter the price of the product and upload the files you want to sell, the file upload option is present just below the price field on the ‘Product Data’ meta box. Once you are done with product details, click the ‘Publish’ button and your book will be made available on your website.

Connect Google Play Books & Amazon Kindle To Your WordPress Eommcerce Website

If you also sell your books on Play Books and Amazon then you can connect your products to your eCommerce website.

Navigate to Products -> Add New page, Enter title, descriptions, select featured image, etc then scroll down to ‘Product Data’ meta box and switch product from ‘Simple Product’ to ‘Affiliate Product’.

Next, enter the URL of your book on Play Books/Amazon and publish your ‘Product’. This way you can also include your books or any other product you are selling on some other online marketplaces.

How Your Customers Can Read Your eBooks?

You can sell PDFs and ePub files on your website. After purchasing the books from your website the customers can easily read them using any book or document reader app. This also includes reader apps of Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle.

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