How To Use Dreamstime Stock Photos Right From WordPress Add Media Thickbox?

Earlier we have posed a tutorial on searching and inserting free creative commons images directly from add new/edit post pages in WordPress. Now this tutorial is about inserting dreamstime stock images inside your WordPress blog posts, pages and other post type using same old ‘Add Media’ thick box. Dreamstime Stock Photos is a WordPress plugin which enables you to search and insert images into your content from Dreamstime’s vast database of Royalty-Free stock photos & illustrations.

With Dreamstime Stock Photos plugin you can quickly and very safely insert stock images, it is a large selection of professional stock photos on web and the best thing is that there is no need to leave WordPress admin area as everything works from traditional media inserting thickbox. The plugin is a big time saver as it can directly download images to your server. All images are model released and properly attributed so they are completely safe to use and hence no worries about required credit links or photographer claims etc.

How To Use Dreamstime Stock Photos In WordPress?

Install and activate Dreamstime Stock Photos plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page, click ‘Add Media‘ button and select ‘Add Media from Dreamstime‘ tab.

(In-case if you don’t have a dreamstime account then click ‘My Dreamstime Account’ tab and sign-up for your account, get some credits. You’ll automatically get logged-in by the plugin.)

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Now type any keyword, search for the images and when you find the right image, click it and then click ‘Download’ button and use the image as shown in the above slideshow.

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