Access Multiple WordPress Windows In One Browser Tab

In general what all WordPress users  does is open up so many tabs in one browser window to quickly switch back and frontend of their website. But sometimes this end up with tons of opened browser tabs slowing down management process.

In this lesson you will learn about a simple plugin ‘WindowPress‘ that improves efficiency and website management tasks by allowing you to use one tab for many WordPress windows.

Start by installing ‘WindowPress’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, if no window is active, clicking a link in adminbar or admin menu will open a new window and if there’s an active window, then clicking a link will change the location of the current window.

WindowPress 1

To open a new window, you have to click (or touch) a link and then hold it until a new window opens up.

WindowPress 2

The plugin is designed to limit all admin area tasks to one tab unlike to times when you had lots of opened WordPress tabs in your browser.

You can keep everything organized in your admin area, a click on some menu will automatically change the location of current window but holding a click will opens up a new WindowPress window.

You can easy switch back to any opened window using the taskbar visible in WordPress admin toolbar.

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