Easily Attach, Unattach or Reattach Media Files And Data To Different WordPress Posts

Attaching, unattaching and reattaching media data to different WordPress posts is easy. With new Re-attacher plugin you can reattach uploaded media files to posts in your WordPress site.

Other than this, the plugin also allows you to completely detach files from posts. It also enables you to manage both single and groups of media files.

It also turns Gallery and Portfolio plugins more convenient to use because after installing Re-attacher plugin you won’t have to upload new images each time you need using them on gallery or portfolio pages. Instead, it lets you to use uploaded files.  

Start by installing ‘Re-attacher’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard BWS Plugins -> Re-attacher admin screen and here it provides you option to show media files author their files only.


That’s all for configurations. The plugin is ready to use:

  • Allows you to unattach any media file from the Media Library
  • Allows you to attach any media file from the Media Library to any post
  • Allows you to attach any media file to your gallery or portfolio
  • Enables you to display information on the files that are already attached

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