Creating A Video Store With WordPress Ecommerce

WordPress Ecommerce allows you to sell anything online from anywhere. You can sell single or multiple video files as a product from within your WordPress Ecommerce website by following a few easy steps.

The basic process of selling videos is simple. All you have to do is upload video files somewhere online such as your dedicated server, cloud server, or hosting, or simply in your WordPress Media Library, the second step is to create new product and mark them as virtual and downloadable. Third, paste the URL or URLs of video files within that product using the Product Data meta box, and publish your product.

If you are not familiar with WordPress Ecommerce then keep reading to go through these three steps in detail.

Step-1 Make Your Website

The first step is to register your domain name, then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce and the automated tour will help you to connect your domain to your website and your website will be up online in minutes.

Step-2 Upload Your Video Files

Files can be uploaded before or at the time of publishing video products on your WordPress Ecommerce website. To upload files you simply need to visit your admin area dashboard Media -> Add New page and upload your video files individually or in bulk. You will need the URL of each file while publishing your new video product, the URL can be obtained by clicking the uploaded media file and copying the link from the right section showing ‘Copy Link’ field.

Step-3 Add Video As Products

Now start adding your digital products i.e. your videos for online selling. Navigate to Products -> Add New page, Enter title, descriptions, select featured image, etc then scroll down to Product Data meta box and tick ‘Virtual’ & ‘Downloadable’ options.

SKU is no more an issue, make sure to enter the price of the product and the upload the files you want to sell, the file upload option is present just below the price field on ‘Product Data’ meta box. Finally, click the ‘Publish’ button to publish your videos for online selling on your website.

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