How To Scroll Images Vertically In WordPress ?

New WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin allows you to vertically scroll images via shortcode or by using a PHP call in your theme’s template file. You can upload images from your computer, add custom links to your images and then slide them beautifully in your WordPress site.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin then follow the given steps.

Step-1 Set Slider Options:

Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Vertical Thumbnail Slider -> Slider Settings admin page and set the options like:

  • Set Scroll Speed
  • Mouseover Pause
  • Image Height & Width
  • Enable/Disable Circular Slider
  • Set Custom Background For Slider
  • Enable/Disable custom image links
  • Physically Resize Images Or Resize By CSS
  • Auto Scroll: Enable/Disable Scroll By Left & Right Arrow
  • Specify the number of items visible at all times within the slider.
  • Specify the number of items to scroll when you click the next or prev buttons.

Step-2 Add Images To Slider:

Visit Dashboard -> Vertical Thumbnail Slider -> Manage Images page and upload images from your hard drive, add title to your images and insert custom links to them.

You can manage all uploaded images from the same page.

Vertical Slider

Step-3 Display The Slider In Your Post Or Page:

Now when you are done uploading images, scroll to the bottom of Dashboard -> Vertical Thumbnail Slider -> Manage Images page and use the given Shortcode or PHP function call for displaying the slider.

You can preview your slider anytime by visiting your admin area Dashboard -> Vertical Thumbnail Slider -> Preview Slider page.

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