Free Stylish Live Chat Social Widget For WordPress

Flyzoo’s Stylish Live Chat & Social Widget is a powerful, cloud-based Live Chat plugin build to engage your website users. The plugin provides you live chat features with realtime analytics, public an private chatrooms, customizable online/offline/login/welcome messages, realtime notifications and more.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Stylish Live Chat & Social Widget plugin the follow the given steps:

1) Create your Flyzoo account

First thing you need to do is visit Flyzoo Join Beta and create your account.

2) Get your Flyzoo application ID

Now you will receive your Application ID right after account creation, or you can get it later from the Flyzoo Dashboard under the SETUP -> WEBSITE MENU

3) Add your Flyzoo application ID

Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Flyzoo for WP, type your application ID and save changes.

4) Complete installation by verifying Flyzoo

Now you will be needing to verify your installation and confirm that you are the website’s owner.

Verify your install right after account creation, or you can do it later by visiting the Flyzoo Dashboard, under the SETUP -> WEBSITE MENU

5) Done!

That’s all. Now visit Flyzoo Dashboard and customize the options.

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