How To Create A Vertical Tabbed Slider In WordPress?

Vertical Tab Slider is a very attractive and easy plugin to create a simple good looking tabbed slider which auto-rotates according to defined interval of time and also enables your website visitors to rotate the images and description by manually clicking on the tabs, you can also set it to pause slides on hover (mouse over).

How To Create A Vertical Tabbed Slider In WordPress?

How To Use Vertical Tab Slider Plugin?

[heading size=”17″]Step-1 Installation & Layout Settings[/heading]

Install and activate Vertical Tab Slider plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new admin menu ‘V-Tab Slider‘, visit Dashboard -> V-Tab Slider admin page and set your slider’s color and layout settings like you can choose Slider Border in Pixel,  Slider Border Color, Image Width, Image Height, Tab Sidebar Width, Slider Navigation, Enable Autoplay, Choose an Effect, Enable Pause On Hover, Set Delay Time Between Slides in Micro Seconds and Transition Speed.

[heading size=”17″]Step-2 Slider Content & Image Slides[/heading]

Now you second step is to set slider’s content settings. It provides you five different tabs, in-case if you don’t like using all five tabs then leave them empty. For Example: If you are using 3 tabs out of 5 then leave the other two empty.

Define each tab’s Slider Image PATH/URL, Slider Image Title, Slider Image Title link, Slider Tab Title, Slider Tab Description and save then changes. That’s it. [lightbox type=”image” src=””]Click here to see admin settings screenshot.[/lightbox] [heading size=”17″]Step-3 Displaying Your Slider[/heading]

Final step is to display the slider you just created. Simply use [vtslider] shortcode inside your pages (also works for posts and post types) in WordPress.

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