How To Find The Plugins Which Are Slowing Down Your WordPress Site ?

Generate performance report for your WordPress site and track plugins that are slowing down your site.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WordPress plugin you can easily generate performance report and know plugins slowing down you website. It examines plugins by measuring their impact on your site’s loading time and then it creates a profile of plugins performance on your site and then you can narrow down things causing slowness on your site.

Installation & Usage

Install and activate the plugin then visit admin page.

First of all Profile your site. Scanner generates some traffic on your site and monitors your site’s performance on the server, then it shows the results. Using result information you can decide right action to take:

Measuring WordPress Plugin Performance

After profiling completes you will  be seeing a breakdown of relative runtime for each of your plugin:

Breakdown report of relative runtime for WordPress plugins

Callouts at the top give you quick info like how much load time (in seconds) is dedicated to plugins and how many database queries your site is running per page:

WordPress Site Load Time, Database Queries Per Page Etc

Detailed timeline shows timing information for each plugin, theme, and core for every page during the profile. Find out exactly what’s happening on slow loading pages:

Timing information for every WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, and the core for every WordPress page

Also you can easily toggle each series on and off to customize this timeline for your precise needs. You can find out number of database queries per page and which pages generates more queries. Keep performance scan history so that you can compare current performance with previous ones. It also allows you to send summary of performance report to email address.

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