Get Classification Showing Which Active Plugins Are Safe To Use And Which Not In Your WordPress Site

This is an awesome WordPress plugins that provides you are an easy classification of plugins activated in your WordPress site. Classification lists indicates which WordPress plugin are safe and which are not so that you can easily know the weak points of your WordPress site and increase its security levels.

Plugins Security Level is the brand new WordPress plugin. Simply install and activate it in your WordPress site, upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Plugins -> Plugins Security Level and know security level if each WordPress plugin you are using:

Classification is based on the following given factors:

  • You are using the last version of the plugin.
  • The plugin was recently updated.
  • The plugin is in the repository.
  • The plugin is compatible with the WordPress version you are using.

Security level for each plugin goes from -4 (Worst) to 3 (Best). It has also a global level based on the points of all plugins. The level can be (from the worst to the best): Danger, Caution, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

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