How To Bulk Install Plugins In WordPress?

Yes you can very easily install a number of plugin simply by typing their names or download URLs. Sometimes while creating a new WordPress site people like installing some of the plugins basic plugins like I always install No Page Comment plugin on every new WordPress site I create.

Earlier we have discussed about installing your favorite plugins in your new WordPress site. Now this tutorial explains you to install a number of plugins at once simply by typing their name or Download URLs. Mostly people prefer writing names of plugins to install it instead of typing URL, its because one can simply copy-paste  plugin’s name from their old WordPress site or from any tutorial showing a list of plugins. It doesn’t matter how you use it so we should come on the topic.

Install and activate Bulk Plugin Installation on your WordPress site and follow the given steps:

  1. Visit your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New section
  2. You will be seeing a new text area added just before the plugin search box
  3. In this text area you can simply type the plugin’s name or download URL (one per line) and click Install Plugins button.
  4. It install all the plugins you have requested, now what you need is activate them one by one. Your old plugin search box is still workable, you can use it from there itself.

Its installation form text area accepts all following inputs:

  • Plugin Name (Simply by writing plugin’s name)
  • Name/ (By writing plugin’s URL)
  •  (By writing plugin’s .zip file download link)

Plugin Central, another WordPress plugin works same as above.

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