Top 3 Plugins That Integrates Your LinkedIn Profile In WordPress

LinkedIn targets business professionals, it helps people who are looking for job and business opportunity to discover inside connections. This article suggests three plugins that helps you integrating your LinkedIn profile in your WordPress site.


LinkedIn SC

LinkedIn SC plugin parses LinkedIn resume and allows you to easily display it in WordPress posts and pages etc by using Shortcodes.It allows you to to parse your LinkedIn public profile or you can use LinkedIn API to parse your LinkedIn private profile fields. Learn more about its shortcode usage here.

GD LinkedIn Badge

As clear from its name, this is a widget plugin that allows you to displays your LinkedIn public profile badge with description and link to your LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool

Using LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool you can display your LinkedIn resume on your WordPress site. It simply allows you to synchronize your LinkedIn profile to WordPress. You can update your downloaded (synchronized) LinkedIn profile in seconds, it requires a single click from Dashboard.

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