How To Control Pinterest Pinning Of Your WordPress Site Content?

In this tutorial we will explain you blocking Pinterest on your WordPress based site. You can block it on all or selected posts or the home page, frontpage etc as per your requirement and disallow you posts from getting pinned by your website visitors or registered users.

pinterest blockHow To Block Pinterest In WordPress?

First, install and activate Pinterest Block plugin. Soon after the activation it shows you a notification message with a link to its settings page. Or you can yourself visit its options page from Dashboard -> Settings -> Pinterest block and tick they types of pages, posts and post types etc where you want pinning to be blocked on. It gives you following checkbox options:

  • Blog Home Page (or Latest Posts Page)
  • Front Page (different from Home Page only if set in Settings > Reading)
  • Individual Posts
  • WordPress Static “Pages”
  • Archives (includes Category, Tag, Author and time-based pages)

How To Enable Blocking On Per Post Basis?

Blocking can also be blocked on per post or per post type basis. Upon activation the plugin also adds a metabox with a checkbox option to block pinning on that particular post or whatever.

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