Highlight Images On Hover With jQuery Based Pinterest “Pin It” Button For WordPress

jQuery Pin It Button For Images is the easiest way of showing up a Pin It button over the images on mouse hover in WordPress. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin and it automatically displays a Pin-It button when anyone hovers the mouse pointer over images present in your blog posts and pages etc.

Installation & Usage: It automatically starts working after activation but this doesn’t means that there are no other option and features, the plugin allows you to:

  • Select from where the description should be taken (possible options: page title, page description and alt/title tags from the image)
  • Select which pictures shouldn’t show the “Pin it” button (using classes)
  • Select which pictures should show the “Pin it” button (all images, post images, images with certain class(es))
  • Select if you want to show the “Pin it” button on home page, single posts, single pages or category pages
  • Disable showing the button on certain posts and pages (works only on single posts and single pages)
  • Select transparency level depending on your needs
  • Use your own Pinterest button design

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