Automatically Provide Most Approriate Image To Your WordPress Site Visitors Depending Upon Content Width

Speed Up Your WordPress Site By Generating Resized Images For Content Area According To Content Width.

WordPress plugin Hammy takes your blog’s regular content images inside posts/pages and regenerates a number of smaller sized images. Your site visitors, when they visit your website, they automatically gets the most appropriate image which leaves a better experience especially on iPad and mobile. It supports Retina.

Plugin’s Option Screen


  1. Install and activate Hammy
  2. Visit Dashboard-> Settings -> Hammy and review the given options.

Optional Settings

  1. (OPTIONAL)Add the id/class of container that holds your posts (i.e. #content). Then add breakpoints that are relevant to that container.
  2. (OPTIONAL) You can edit your theme’s CSS to add picture.hammy-responsive, in a way that it is identical to any img styling used for your content area.

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