How To Create In-Post Pinterest Galleries In WordPress?

The Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest allows WordPress users to show up photos from any Pinterest user profile or from a specific pin board. The images can also be linked to the your Pinterest page or to a custom URL or you can showcase them inside a Lightbox slideshow. The best feature of the plugin is its easy Shortcode Generator which simply allows you to insert its widget inside your posts. The plugin uses WordPress’s in-built JQuery scripts and creates a sleek presentation.

Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest

How To Generate Shortcodes & Insert In-Post Galleries?

To start, first install and activate Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest plugin. Now for generating shortcodes, visit Dashboard -> Settings -> AlpineTile: Pinterest page and open the ‘Shortcode Generator‘ tab. From there you can generate galleries either for complete user profile or you may show up an individual pin board.

First thing you need to know is Pinterest Username and the name of the Pinboard. You can choose your gallery styles, the images size and maximum width in percentage (default widget is 100%) which makes the gallery completely responsive. It also provides you check options for including Pin It button and displaying link to your Pinterest page.

Generate Pinterest Shortcode

Finally, when you’re done selecting your options, click the ‘Generate Shortcode‘ button and copy the generated shortcode.

How To Use Pinterest Galleries Sidebar Widget?

The plugin also provides you a widget you may add from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page. the widget has all function inbuild and hence you can configure the profile or pin-board from there itself.

Options & Settings: The plugin provides you some easy options and settings on Dashboard -> Settings -> AlpineTile: Pinterest -> Plugin Settings (TAB). The options include simple customizations like disabling right click & loading icon, choosing a custom highlight color, choosing a jQuery light boxe etc.

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