How To Reset Your WordPress Installation Back To Default In One Click?

Resetting WordPress installation simply means resetting your website’s database back to its defaults. Great features for technology bloggers and web-developers who everyday tests new plugins and themes. By resetting database from the admin area doesn’t require any editing via phpMyadmin etc. You can safely delete all customizations and content without disturbing the plugins, themes and all other WP core files which you have on your server.

First install and activate WordPress Reset plugin then visit your Dashboard -> Tools -> Reset. Now if want to rest your database, simply type “reset” in the given text field and click “Reset”. You will automatically be directed to the dashboard with all default settings.

DB Reset

Many developers everyday needs resetting websites, if you are also one of them then you can have this plugin auto-reactivated after each reset. Simply add this like in your wp-config.php file: define( ‘REACTIVATE_WP_RESET’, true );

Alternatively, if you need more control over what you want to reset then use another plugin known as WordPress Database Reset, it enables you to select tables in bulk.

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