How To Insert Facebook Public Content In Your WordPress Site ?

Wp Facebook Grabber plugin provide you a way to take public content from Facebook and insert it in your WordPress posts and pages.


  1. Install and activate WordPress Facebook Grabber plugin
  2. It takes info using Facebook id code.
  3. Add these [fbAlbum] & [fbFeed] tags (with Facebook profile ID) to your posts & Pages and it will automatically grab content from your Facebook profile.

For example:

  • [fbAlbum]132919960064546[/fbAlbum]
  • [fbFeed]128091230547419[/fbFeed]

How To Get Your Facebook ID Code ?

Likewise this plugin takes info using Facebook id code, so you need your Facebook id code here.

Getting your Facebook Profile ID Code:

Facebook id code can be taken from the public profile url of facebook, For example: The Facebook ID code is 126319364057939 and you can grab the feed status using: [fbFeed]128091230547419[/fbFeed] inside your wordpress posts or pages

Getting your Facebook Album ID Code:

Facebook album id code can be taken from this gives something like that: “id”: “132919960064546”, “from”: { “name”: “Il Melo Residence – Sardegna”, “category”: “Local_hotels_lodging”, “id”: “126319364057939” }, … The first id is the Facebook album ID and can be set between [fbAlbum]your_album_id[/fbAlbum] tags without spaces.


Output of fbAlbum tag
Output of fbfeed tag


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