Schedule Post Expiry Date With Custom Message In WordPress

Now instead of defining post time period globally on your WordPress site you can individually schedule post expiry date right from the ‘Publish’ meta box. 

New Content Expire Scheduler plugin for WordPress allows you to set expiry date for each post you compose and set a custom message to be displayed to your visitors when they try opening any expired article on your website.

Every page and post have expiry calendar and custom message box, also supports Custom Post Type.

Start by installing ‘New Content Expire Scheduler’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin adds the option in ‘Publish’ meta box present on ADD NEW/EDIT post screens. It allows you to set expiration dates for posts, pages and other custom post types.

Content Expire Scheduler 1

How it works? Once a post is expired, a custom message replaces real content, but not remove content from post / page.

Content Expire Scheduler 2

You can also customize the default post expiry message from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Content Expire Scheduler page.

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