How To Schedule Multiple Post Actions In WordPress?

Scheduling WordPress posts is a common functionality but what when you like scheduling other actions like turning a post unsticky or auto closing the comments after a few days. In this tutorial we will show you how to easily schedule all other sorts of actions associated with WordPress posts and post types.

You can schedule a post to go sticky (featured) and another action to to turn it back to unsticky. Even you can schedule any post to get unpublished followed by another action to delete it or save it as a draft. You can make schedule for closing and opening comments and even more.

Scheduled Content Actions is a WordPress plugin that provides you various useful scheduling functions that can change the behaviour of any post entry. The plugin not only works for WordPress posts but you can use it for other custom post types and products for Woocommerce.

How To Use Scheduled Content Actions In WordPress?

Install and activate Scheduled Content Actions plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new metabox with title ‘Scheduled Post Actions’ on your ADD NEW/EDIT post screens. So visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New (or open any old post for editing), scroll down to ‘Scheduled Post Actions’ metabox and start scheduling your actions.

How To Schedule Post Actions For Your WordPress Site?

The metabox provides you a dropdown list of actions like stick, unstick, draft, trash, delete, open/close comments. Simply choose an action and set its time. You can assign multiple post actions.

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