How To Block Spams In WordPress By Challenging Only Bots Not Humans ?

Earlier we discussed about Keypic’s WordPress Plugin that allows you to block spam bots in most of the WordPress forms (without using captchas) like login, register, comment and even other custom forms and plugin like Contact Form 7. Now this article. Now this tutorial is about a plugin that lets you block spam bots from WordPress comments form without using any type of CAPTCHAS, math questions, passwords etc. It kills spam-bots and leaves humans standing. It does spam blocking that stops spam-bots dead in their tracks.

You should know that vast majority of WordPress spam is automated in nature. The concept of BotBlocker plugin is that it creates a false challenge that comes visible only to bots not humans. Spam bots fills that challenge and get blocked on your website. Hence it makes you ease for your website visitors, they become free from filling any type of challenge and prove that they are human being not robot.

Install and activate BotBlocker plugin your WordPress site then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> BotBlocker settings page where you can configure few easy options like you can set the action to be taken for spam bots, static field name, error messages, speed, method etc, see the given screenshot.

Main BotBlocker’s Features Include:

  1. No API keys required
  2. Requires no javascript or cookies
  3. It works out of the box for blocking spam
  4. You can easily adjusy spam detection messages
  5. It automatically stops spam-bots from commenting
  6. Should work fine with most customized comment forms
  7. The plugin can be configured to completely block spam-bots or flag comments as spam
  8. Hooks into wp-comments-post.php to prevent spam-bots from directly submitting spam comments
  9. Zero hindrance to users: no CAPTCHAS, math questions, passwords or extra input required and Zero false positives and ignores registered users

Plugin’s working has been accomplished through the use of honeypot technology that tricks only spambot into identifying itself by performing actions that a human could not see. Unlike to Akismet it only meant for blocking spam bots not human spammers, for more information on this plugin visit here.

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