Automatically Add Spam IP To Comment Blacklist In WordPress

With new WordPress plugin called Comment Auto Blacklist automatically adds IPs of spam comments to comment blacklist settings field in your WordPress site.

All you need o do is install and activate Comment Auto Blacklist and you are done. No more options to set.

The plugin is very handy and saves a lot of time but in-case if you don’t like blocking a number of IPs from accessing your website by using a more advanced plugin with more features then use NoSpamNX. It works differently from all other plugins. NoSpamNX automaticly adds additional formfields to WP comment form which is invisible for human visitors but in case if any spambot fills these fields blindly (like most spambots do), the comment will not be getting saved and even you can decide if you want to block these spambots or mark them as spam. Also, you can put common spam-phrases on a local Blacklist or (if you have multiple Blogs) on a global Blacklist. This is very useful for fighting against manual Spammers.

Features in a Nutshell

  1. Easy installation (just activate the plugin)
  2. Easy configuration (only two options)
  3. Increased spam protection when using WordPress default Theme
  4. Local Blacklist to block specific Phrases, URLs, Domains, IP-Ranges, etc. (use it to block “handmade” Spam)
  5. Global Blacklist for multiple WordPress Blogs
  6. Does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions
  7. Does not require any extra field for user input (e.g. Captcha, Calculations, Pictures, etc.)
  8. No need to manage spambot comments (if you don’t want to)
  9. No Database queries except for a few WordPress Options
  10. False-positives are nearly impossible

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