Ask Apache Password Protect For Adding Crazy Additional Password Protection And Security In WordPress

AskApache Password Protect is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to add adds Crazy Additional Password Protection and Securities to your WordPress based website.

AskApache Password Protect doesn’t mess up with your database or add any control on WordPress instead this plugin utilizes fast, tried-and-true built-in Security features that adds multiple layers of security in your site. It has been specifically designed and its updates ate regular specifically for stopping automated and unskilled attackers who attempts to exploit vulnerabilities on your website and leaving back a hacked WordPress site. It creates a virtual wall around your WordPress blog which stop attacks before they reach on to deliver a malicious payload. Additionally it is also capable to block spam with a resounding slap, saving CPU, Memory, and Database resources.

You need to choose a username and password for protecting your entire /wp-admin/ folder and login page. It forbids common exploits and attack patterns using Mod_Security, Mod_Rewrite, Mod_Alias and Apache’s tried-and-true Core Security features. It requires the worlds #1 web server, Apache, and web host support for .htaccess files. More information about this plugin is available on this plugin’s page on WordPress.Org. For screenshots refer to this link.

You can set up Password Protection for your blog using HTTP Basic Authentication or you can choose to use more secured HTTP Digest Authentication. Read the .htaccess Guide for more information.

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