You Can Repair Any MySQL Database From Your Webhosting cPanel

You have many options (depends solely on your issue with your database) to repair a broken database. This post explains you the easiest and automatic option which you get at and the most popular universal option by using phpMyAdmin.

Using MySQL Database Repair on cPanel

The easiest option is to use database repair feature called Repair DB on cPanel of your hosting account.

You can reach it by logging into your hosting cPanel the navigating to cPanel -> MySQL Databases

There you will find “Modify Databases” section. From the “Repair DB” option there is a drop-down menu containing all the databases associated with your account.

You have to choose the database you need to repair and then click on the “Repair DB” button. Once you do that the system will examine your database by processing simple checks and if it finds any errors it will handle them automatically.

Using phpMyAdmin on cPanel

Login to hosting’s cPanel, navigate to databases section, click phpMyAdmin and follow the steps:

  1. On phpMyAdmin administration page’s left pane, click the name of the database that you want to repair.
  2. In the right pane, tick the check boxes for the tables you want to repair.
  3. Finally, using the selected list box, select Repair table.

After completion, phpMyAdmin will tell you about the success of the database repairing process.

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