How To Transform WordPress Into A Questions & Answers Community Website?

There are many popular question and answer websites & networks like Quora & Yahoo Answers etc. These networks enables netizens to ask specific questions on various topics and then they are answered by other users. This tutorial explains you how you can easily create a Questions & Answers website using WordPress.

Install and activate the DW Question Answers plugin. After activation the plugin will automatically create two pages for DWQA Questions and DWQA Submit Question.

Now second step is to enable user registration. So visit Dashboard -> Settings -> General page, scroll down and check ‘Anyone can register’ in membership section. Rememeber to check that you have selected Subscriber as the new user default role.

Time to configure the plugin. Viist DW Q&A -> Settings. From General tab, you can configure basic plugin settings. Its easy. Choose the page for showing Ask Question form and another page to List All Questions.

There are more options like time settings enables you to set how long you want an individual question to be highlighted. Also you can set number of days after which a question will get automatically marked as overdue. You can set Custom Permalink for single question, single Q&A category, and single Q&A tag.

Notification tab lets you customize emails sent to users when any new question is posted or answered etc. Other important features are:

  • Submit Question
  • Order Question by Category, Tags
  • Add Answer to Question
  • Choose Best Answer for Question
  • Comment for Question / Answer
  • Vote Question / Answer
  • Customizable Notification Email regarding new Question / Answer and Comment
  • Quick Questions filter
  • Manages Question by status
  • Instant Search by keywords

From Dashboard -> DW Q&A -> All Questions page you can view and manage all questions added to your site. Also yo can add Question categories & tags when adding any question on your website.

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