Easily Enable Bootstrap Glyphicons In WordPress Visual Editor

Bootstrap Glyphicons in Visual Editor is the brand new WordPress plugin that enabled a TinyMCE button in WordPress visual editor. Using this new button you can easily add Glyphicons included with Twitter Bootstrap 3 inside your WordPress site content like posts, pages and other CPTs etc.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Bootstrap Glyphicons in Visual Editor plugin then follow the givens steps:

  1. After activation the plugin adds its TinyMCE button in Visual Editor
  2. Visit Dashboard Add any Page, Post or open any post for editing
  3. In the visual editor click the new bright red “G” button.
  4. You will now be presented with a selection menu.
  5. Select any icon and the shortcode will be placed into your post/page!

Other Methods: Alternatively you may use its shortcodes [glyphicons icon=”iconname”] OR you may put them anywhere using the standardized code as shown on the plugin’s page here.

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