Get Control Over Reading & Editing Permissions And Assign Restrictions & Roles To Specific Content In WordPress

Role Scoper, a free WordPress plugin allows you to gain more control over reading and editing permissions in your WordPress site. Using this plugin you can assign restrictions and roles to your specific WordPress pages, posts and categories.

Install and activate Role Scoper. After activation the plugin adds a new admin menu (Dashboard -> Users -> Options) in your admin area dashboard and you can set the options from here.

Plugin Feature List:

  • WP roles work as is or can be limited by content-specific Restrictions
  • RS roles grant additional Read or Edit access for specific Pages, Posts or Categories
  • Define User Groups and give them one or more RS roles
  • Can elevate Subscribers to edit desired content (ensures safe failure mode)
  • Control which categories users can post to
  • Control which pages users can associate sub-pages to
  • Specify element(s) in Edit Form to withhold from non-Editors
  • Grant Read or Edit access for a limited time duration
  • Limit the post/page publish dates which a role assignment applies to
  • Customizable Hidden Content Teaser (or hide posts/pages completely)
  • RSS Feed Filter with HTTP authentication option
  • File Attachment filter blocks direct URL requests if user can’t read corresponding post/page
  • Inheritance of Restrictions and Roles to sub-categories / sub-pages
  • Default Restrictions and Roles for new content
  • Un-editable posts are excluded from the Edit Posts/Pages list
  • Optimized to limit additional database queries
  • XML-RPC support
  • Integrates with the Revisionary plugin for moderated revisioning of published content.
  • Supports custom Post Types and Taxonomies (when defined using WP schema by a plugin such as Custom Post Type UI
  • Extensive WP-mu support

Screenshot showing role boxes in post edit form:

Category Restriction:

Category Roles

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