How To Enable Front-end Editing In WordPress ?

P2 Theme works best with front-end editing  but if you like other themes and want to enable front-end editing feature then this tutorial is for you.
No need to move to dashboard for editing your posts, you can easily do all of your editing from the front end.

Front-end Editor

Nice plugin for inline content editing without going to the admin area  (dashboard). Few days back I installed this plugin, activated it. It hardly needs any manual configuration but still you can change various options from Dashboard>>Settings>>Front-end editor menu. After activating it you can hover your mouse over the posts and it show an Edit button on the left, clicking Edit the post gets open for editing on the front like P2 and you can easily add or remove content and save it. Just like it is shown in the following images:

Raptor editor

Better than Front-end editor plugin. Using this plugin you can edit any post or page just by clicking it. As you click on any post it opens up for editing vary fast providing you with better visual editor.

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