Free Blog Publishing Services Takes Away Your Blogging Freedom, All Bloggers Deserve A Domain Name With A Self Hosted Blog

If the headline of this article makes you understand the importance of your own self hosted blog and a domain name then no need to read more, just click here. Else continue your reading.

Free blog publishing services (here; free is for gratis) takes away your blogging freedom. Try not use them if your are a serious blogger. I am not saying that they are bad but they have their own rules (everybody has) but that creates conflict and there are many successful bloggers who lost their blogs because of no big reason.

Today WordPresss suspended Sunil Kumar‘s blog and Sunil doesn’t even know why it happened. His blog was having Page Rank 2 and he lost it. See what Sunil says:

They told me nothing, just suspended my mail or blog as well, I don’t know why, I mailed them but don’t know when they will going to reply me. I had 2 PR you can check my page by caching it up 

-Sunil Kumar

Suspending blogs without any prior notice is ridiculous but you cannot say that is wrong. It happens when you give up your freedom and depend on other. For example: you remove comments which you don’t like or block some of the IPs on your blog, you unfollow people on Twitter and unfriend your friends on Facebook and its not wrong because its your freedom, it is the most useful feature of Internet that you can easily undo things. In real life is it easy for you to unfriend some of your idiot friends in a second ? This is human nature, everybody has his own principle.

So for your individual freedom you must keep full control of your blog in your hand. Each blogger deserve a domain name and self hosted blog. Bloggers must stop blogging on other blog publishing services and should start a self hosted blog immediately because blogging on other networks takes away your individual freedom.

If you are planning to start a self hosted blog then never use any free (gratis) hosting service. Most free web hosting are scams except Anonymous pastehtml.

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