Your Blog On Own Domain Is Your Ultimate Timeline

Not Facebook but your own blogging website on your own domain name is your real timeline. A timeline is a style of displaying a list of events in chronological order and that’s what you see on any blogging website.

Timeline is typically a graphic design used for showing a vertical bar like structure labeled with dates showing events and activities of anything in chronological way.

Before Internet, Timelines were often used for helping researchers to understand the order (or chronology) of historical events and trends for any subject.

That is old world's time line

Old days bronze timeline “Fifteen meters of History” with background information board, Örebro, Sweden.

But when Justin Hall began personal blogging in 1994, the term ‘timeline’ came online.

In 2003 a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little resulted in the fork of b2 and formation of WordPress which made it much easier for everyone to start a blog and regularly update little events of life in a timeline structure.

Timeline of a WordPress theme

Recently, Facebook also introduced timeline view which looks very much influenced from WordPress. For instance, now Facebook shows you post thumbnails, excerpts, comment toggle, has single post pages and post editing is possible up to some extent.

You should know that your Facebook profile or page can now be kept automatically synced with your WordPress blogging website via some social publisher plugin.

This will not only promote your blog on Internet’s most popular social network but also accommodate all your friends, fan-following to make some value for you.

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