Few Good Alert Box, Announcement & Notification Plugins For WordPress

Few days back we discussed abot EMC2 Alert Boxes plugin which lets you to use jQuery and HTML5 animations to create a cool functional alert system with in your WordPress site. Now post contains some selected plugin we haven’t mentions earlier, you can use this plugins for inserting highlighting text, making announcements and gathering their attention for an event, update etc.


Ninja Announcements Lite

With this plugin you can create announcements (containing simple text, media or both) and are displayed in various places of your WordPress based website.

Responsive Attention Box

The plugin helps you with push important messages onto the screen and your users.Images and jQuery have been used to enhance the User Experience. You can easily display custom texts, Twitter posts RSS feeds etc .

Special Text Boxes

Using this plugin you can easily highlight any portion of text. It adds little style sheet file and short code to blog for highlighting some portion of text in post as colored boxes. That may be warning, alert, info and download portion of post’s text.

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