Creating One Click Select All Text Boxes For Frontend Display In WordPress

You might have noticed ‘Link to Us’ text boxes having text and link content in them, some websites also provides you video embed code, image embed code and advertisement codes inside boxes which when clicked automatically selects all text inside them so that user can copy and make use of it. 

In this lesson we will show you how you can display similar type of text boxes in your WordPress site and provide you users with text and embed code etc inside text boxes which automatically select everything inside with one click. It’s useful for song lyrics, directions, small bits of code or whatever you like.

Start by installing ‘Simple Select All Text Box’ plugin in WordPress

Simple Select All Text Box

Upon activation, you can easily start to create text boxes using shortcode [textbox rows="3"]Contents of textbox[/textbox]. You can create multiple text boxes using the same shortcode inside your posts, pages and other custom post types.

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