How To Disable (Turn Off) Google Web History ?

Now you know you can easily delete selected or complete history data of your Google account. This tutorial explains how you can turn off your Google Web History and get free from deleting data again from your account’s history showing your past search queries and other activities.

to your Google Account and follow the given steps:

  1. Click gear icon  present on the upper right corner of a search results page.
  2. Now visit Search history.
  3. Again click the gear icon   present on the upper corner of the Web History page.
  4. Visit to Settings.
  5. Now click the Turn off button visible next to “Web History is on.”

Now doing searches, visiting websites and browsing pages will not get stores in your account’s Google Web History. In-case you again want to start keeping track of your web search activity then simply click the Turn on button which comes visible after you click Turn off button as mentioned in the step-5 above.

How to run a few searches without recording them in Google Web History ? Yes you can anonymously browse certain web pages without signing out from your Google Account, read this tutorial. Even your data will not get stored locally in your Google Chrome’s browser history.

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