Horizontal Reel Like Scrolling Announcement Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

Using WordPress Horizontal Scrolling Announcement plugin one can easily scroll notices from let to right anywhere on your WordPress install.  You may use this plugin for RSS scrollers, for making important announcements, displaying promotional offers and deals etc. Check it Live Here.

To start using this plugin first install and activate it and then follow the given steps:

  1. After activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> Horizontal Scrolling Page
  2. Enter the message, hyperlink and display order and set status to yes. Display order is the sequence number of displaying messages.
  3. Clicking Insert Message button adds the message in the display list. You may edit your messages, order and link etc anytime you need.
  4. Now your messages are ready to display. You may use its widget, shortcode [horizontal-scrolling] or display the message in your theme by using a function call <?php announcement(); ?>

The plugin is loaded with following useful features:

  • Easy customization
  • Easy styles override option
  • Configurable scroll amount (speed)
  • Provides you pause option on mouse hover
  • You can update scroll delay in milliseconds
  • Allows you to update the scroll direction (left or right)
  • Visit its website for learning more about this WordPress plugin

Remember, all plugin scrolling content options are in Dashboard -> Settings -> Horizontal Scrolling page and for other configuration option can be accessed by clicking the Settings Tab on the same page

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