Top 3 Free WordPress Plugins To Build An Amazon Affiliate Website

There are many premium Amazon Affiliate Plugins available, this article is for you if you are searching for free Amazon Affiliate Plugins you can use in your WordPress site. Using these plugins you can embed Amazon products inside your content in different ways.

Amazon Link

The plugin provides you a utility for inserting Amazon product links directly inside your website’s Posts, Pages and also in Widgets and even Templates. Amazon products can be text links, thumbnails, fullsize images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets.


This plugin allows you to integrate Amazon products inside your WordPress pages quickly and easily. By using its template feature you can present Amazon products in various styles on different pages. There are many more useful feature; refer to its WP page.

Amazon Reloaded for WordPress

Another popular plugin that makes it easy for blog post authors to quickly search Amazon’s index from their post interface and grab text links or images to place inside their content. Text links can optionally contain an indivdual’s affiliate tag, if entered on the settings screen.

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