New Styled Custom Colored Notice Content Boxes For WordPress

Notice Boxes with Shortcodes is the new WordPress plugin that lets you make styled content notice boxes of different colors for displaying messages via shortcodes. It provides you noticeable boxes like info box, alert box, success box, warning box and more inside your blog posts, pages, CPTs and other shortcode supported areas.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Notice Boxes with Shortcodes plugin. After activation use the following shortcodes and parameters:

[nbox type="notice"] Any Text Here [/nbox]

Some other types that you can use instead of type="notice" are

  • type="info" or type="notice"
  • type="success"
  • type="warning"
  • type="error"


  1. Easily disaplay notice boxes via shortcodes
  2. Provides a close button for the Notice Boxes
  3. Make your text center aligned inside the box
  4. Various styles of boxes for different kinds of messages
  5. A special admin page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Notice Boxes) with all help and references you need.

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