How To Enable Google+ Authorship On Per Post Basis In A Multi Authored WordPress Site?

GooglePlus Multi-Authorship provides a straightforward solution to WordPress users, it allows you to properly add Google+ Authorship markup to the head of each post & page on a multi-authored website.

The plugin follows recommended use of rel=”author” tag and points author name to its Google+ profile in search results

  1. The appropriate author’s Google+ profile is used for each single post and page.
  2. The plugin adds both the rel=”author” and rel=”publisher” on single posts and pages.
  3. The plugin adds only the rel=”publisher” link tag on the home page, front page and archive pages
  4. You can set a default Google+ profile to be used as a fallback if there’s no Google+ profile specified for an author in his WP user profile settings.

GooglePlus Multi-Authorship Plugin

How to use GooglePlus Multi-Authorship?

Install and activate GooglePlus Multi-Authorship plugin.

After activation each author should add their Google+ profile URL in their WP user profile settings.

Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> G+ Multi-Authorship admin page and here you can provide a default Google+ author profile below. This will be used when an author has not added a Google Plus profile in his/her WP user profile settings. Leave it blank if you don’t want to use a default.

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