Allows Each Website To Have A Distinct Favicon On WordPress Multisite Network

Now you can allow each website on your WordPress multisite network to set a distinct favicon. This way each website can use its own favicon.

A favicon (short for “favorites icon”) is an icon associated with a website or webpage intended to be used when bookmarking the website. Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs and elsewhere to help identify a website visually.

By default favicon is uploaded in the root directory of your WordPress install and every subsite uses the main site’s favicon. WordPress can also use favicon from active theme’s directory if a favicon.ico file is already present in theme’s folder.

In this lesson you will learn about allowing your subsite owners to use their own favicons on their individual websites. 

azurecurve Multisite Favicon is a WordPress plugin that resolves the problem. The plugin simply provides subsite owners with a field where they can define the path to their favicon.

Start by installing ‘azurecurve Multisite Favicon’ plugin in WordPress

Upon network activation, the plugin adds a new admin page on ‘Settings’ menu of all websites on your WordPress multisite network.

Multisite Favicon

Your site owners may simply visit their admin area dashboard Settings -> azurecurve Multisite Favicon screen to set path for the favicon; default is to the plugin/images folder.

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