Easily Display Tabbed Group Of Widgets With Animated Scroll In WordPress

A few months backs we have posted a list of Top 3 Tabbed Widget Plugins. In this tutorial we will be showing you the usage of a new awesome tabbed widget which is very much different from last three tabbed widget. Widgets In Tabs can group any number of widgets into one tabbed and light widget which works beautifully with most WordPress themes. Unlike to other tabbed widget plugins, Widgets In Tabs is not limited to specific widget types but it allows you to add any widget in its animated tabbed display.

How To Use WordPress Widgets In Tabs?


Install and activate Widgets In Tabs plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Widgets page and you will be noticing a new widget (Widgets In Tabs) and a new widget area (Widgets In Tabs Area).

The new widgets area is a virtual widget area as it won’t appears anywhere on your website. Simply drag the widgets in this new widget area and make you sure to give title to your widgets otherwise it shows @ symbol instead of individual tab names.

After adding widgets, the next step is to drag that ‘Widgets In Tabs’ widget to your sidebar or any real widget area of your theme. By default animation is disabled (0=disabled) but you can enable it by entering the number of seconds which is your tab animation interval time.

Easily Display Widgets In Tabs And Scroll Them With Animation In WordPress 1

How Animation Works?

Animation simply opens up a new widget tab after the given time interval (in seconds). So that your visitors can automatically see what you have kept in other hidden widget tabs.

A Quick Overview Of Features:

  • WIT uses the styles of your current theme. That means WIT doesn’t have its own set of styles. Instead, it blends in with your theme’s styles.
  • Nice scrollable titles. Instead of stacking widgets’ titles, you get a one-line, scrollable titles.
  • Animated transition between widgets (Optional). Choose how many seconds to wait before switching to the next widget, with a sleek transition animation.
  • RTL support.

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