Instantly Preview Links Before Clicking Them On Internet

Now you can instantly preview any links on any website simply by hovering over to it. Works great for social media and networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, where you generally see new links and short URLs and don’t know here it is going to take you, special while searching topics on Twitter hashtags and Facebook groups. It also works as a big time saver as you don’t need to do anything for previewing any link, simply hover it and it shows the preview in an instant bubble box. The bubble is as clear that you can read the content inside it or view images in larger resolutions without opening them on new tab.

SwiftPreview is a simple Google Chrome extension designed to view a customizable preview of any link on internet. You can see the website behind the link before you actually click. All previews are fast and dynamic.

It allows you to pin the preview using control key and scroll preview contents when pinned (link previews). Another good feature of the extension is that you can watch YouTube videos in preview, you can use internet wide photo zoom, Facebook photo zoom, also works in Gmail and it prevents common file types from downloading on mouse hover.

How To Use SwiftPreview Chrome Extension?

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SwiftPreview extension is very-very easy to use. Simply add it in your Google Chrome browser. As soon the extension is added, it automatically starts working but it also provides you a button on the top right corner of Chrome, you can click that button for turning the extension ON or OFF.

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