How To Bulk Seo Optimize Images In WordPress?

Now you can easily update all the ALT attribute of images published in your WordPress blog posts. You can add article name automatically to them and improve traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

ALT attribute is important for improving website SEO, it is considered more important attribute than actual image title. It is entered manually while uploading and inserting images in WordPress post content via ‘Add Media’ button present in visual editor on ADD NEW/EDIT screens.

In general, all new bloggers and website owners leave this tag empty which leaves many images on WordPress lacking ALT attributes. In this lesson you will learn how to correct this mistake and automatically update all images with ALT attributes in your WordPress site. 

Bulk SEO Image is the new WordPress plugin that lets you do so. With this WordPress plugin you can update all ALT attributes at once. You can either save one at a time or save all changes in one click.

Start by installing ‘Bulk SEO Image’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit its admin options page and modify the ALT attribute in series.

Bulk SEO Image 1

It is certainly significant for bettering SEO and usability. This not only serves your users with enriched website usability but also returns images in relevant search results pages on Internet.

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