How To Automatically Turn Images SEO Friendly In WordPress?

Adding ALT & Title attribute works very well in improving traffic from search engines like Google & Yahoo etc and now you can add them automatically in WordPress. Search engines can archive your images without Title & Alt text but if your images have title & alt tag then there would be more chances for it to be shown on search results pages. For Example: If you have uploaded and image image-name.png is more SEO friendly than gdhs4789.png, the same is in case of title & Alt tag. Images having these tags are more SEO friendly than Title & Alt tagless images.


We will be using, SEO Friendly Images which is a free WordPress plugin that automatically adds alt and title attributes to all of your images and hence improve traffic from web search engines.

The plugin auto-updates all images with proper Alt & Title attributes good for SEO purposes. If your images don’t already have Alt & Title then it will add them according to the configuration options which you have set. Additionally, the plugin makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.

What are Title & Alt Attributes and What Is Their Importance?

The ALT attribute is an important part of search engine optimization i.e., SEO. The attributes simply describe your images to search engine and it works on search results because whenever a search is made, Alt is a key determining factor for a match. Whereas, the TITLE attribute plays a lesser role but its good for visitors as it automatically appears on the tooltips.

How To Use SEO Friendly Images Plugin?

Install and activate the SEO Friendly Images plugin. Upon activation you can modify ALT and TITLE options from Dashboard -> Settings -> SEO Friendly Images. From the options page, you can define Title & Alt attributes, and also it allows you to enable overriding of default WordPress image title.

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