Image Pro – Upload, Resize, Add Or Change Images Instantly In WordPress

Image Pro – Image resizing and media management done right enables WordPress users to upload, resize, add, change images all instantly. Using this WordPress plugin you can manage your media collection more easily and use it for any blog post, page or any other post type.  The plugin provides you a whole new way of managing your content.

So What Actually Image Pro Does?

  • The images are responsive by default. They will resize nicely on lower resolution screen devices
  • Their size can be now be chosen according to predefined presets or just typed in manually
  • Freely scalable: you can get past the responsive restriction set by your theme
  • A better user interface(UI), lots of bugfixes and improved usability

The plugin is very easy to set up. Simply install and activate it and that’s it, the plugin is ready to use, just visit any post or post type and start using it.

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The Plugin Enables You To:

  • upload of multiple files directly from your desktop
  • perform smooth image resize (a perfect resize is created based on your resized picture in the editor)
  • easily manage the media collection (search, filter by file type)
  • drag and drop any image to the post and have it resized the way you want

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