Bulk Resize Huge Media Uploads Maintaining Maximum Width For All Images In WordPress

When an image is uploaded to a WordPress site, the system automatically creates multiple image sizes, but keeps the original image (no matter how big it is). Smart bloggers upload optimized, resized and lightweight images but atleast once in a lifetime all make mistake of uploading very large image files.

When large image files are hosted and used on a website, you get massive image embeds inside your content, which can drastically slow down your website.

In this lesson you will learn about correcting this mistake by bulk resizing all images on your website. There are two good plugin you can use in your WordPress installation.


The plugin  automatically resizes huge image uploads. Great for multi-author WordPress sites where contributors upload huge photos and webmasters go tired from manual image scaling.

Imsanity 1

Uploads are resized down to a size good for display in web browser. You can configure max image width, height and quality.

Imsanity 2

After the options are set, when a contributor uploads an image which is larger than the configured size, the plugin works and automatically scale it down to the configured size replacing the original image.

  • Automatically scales large image uploads to a more “sane” size
  • Bulk-resize feature to selectively resize existing images
  • Allows configuration of max width/height and jpg quality
  • Optionally converts BMP files to JPG so image can be scaled
  • Once enabled, Imsanity requires no actions on the part of the user
  • Uses WordPress built-in image scaling functions
Bulk Resize Media

The plugin is based on above Imsanity plugin. It also works for multisite WordPress installations.

  • Automatically resizes large image uploads, keeping the maximum size and removing the original huge image.
  • Bulk-resize feature to selectively resize all existing attachments.
  • Allows configuration of max width/height and jpg quality
  • In MultiSite, network admins can control image sizes for entire network.
  • Optionally converts BMP files to JPG.

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