How To Bulk Set, Replace Or Remove Featured Images In WordPress?

Now you can set, manage thumbnail in bulk for your posts, pages and other custom post types in bulk. Quick Featured Images is the new awesome WordPress plugin allows you to do so. It simply saves your time and you can run it over all your posts or narrow down to posts by using its flexible filters. The implemented filters allows you to narrow down the action to only the posts and pages you want to modify.

The built-in filters are:

  • Filter by post type: Search by post types. It includes posts, pages and custom post types. By default only posts will be affected
  • Filter by status: Search by several statuses (published, draft, private etc.). By default all statuses will be affected
  • Filter by search: Search by search term
  • Filter by author: Search by author
  • Filter by category: Search posts by category
  • Filter by tag: Search posts by tag
  • Filter by parent page: Search child pages by parent page

How To Use Quick Featured Images Plugin?

Install and activate it, upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Media -> Quick Featured Images page. The plugin enables you with three main tasks: add, exchange and delete featured images from one place:

  1. Adding featured images: You can set an image as the featured image to hundreds of posts in one go.
  2. Exchanging featured images: You can replace or update an existing featured image with another image for all posts which are attributed to the old featured image.
  3. Deleting featured images: You can remove an existing featured image from its attributed posts in one go.
quick-featured-images screenshot 1
First screen of Quick Featured Images: select an image and an action.
quick-featured-images screenshot 2
Second screen: select a filter to narrow down to posts and pages you want to modify with the image. Alternatively you can drop filtering and jump to Screen 4 directly.
quick-featured-images screenshot 3
Third screen: refine the filters.
quick-featured-images screenshot 4
Fourth screen: take a preview. If the filtering does not correspond to your expectations you can refine the filters again under the list on this page.
quick-featured-images screenshot 5
Fifth, the last screen: take an overview of the success of the action.

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