Set Meta Box Positions Globally For All Backend Users In WordPress

Meta boxes are tool boxes or you can say admin area widgets that allows you to set various actions like ‘Publish’ meta box present in ‘Add New’ post screen allows you to publish your blog posts, set post stats, visibility etc.

In the same way other meta boxes work on your admin area dashboard. In this lesson you will learn how to set meta box order and position for all users registered on your WordPress site. 

Global Meta Box Order is the new WordPress plugin that lets you do this very easy, without setting any configuration options. It allows you to intuitively harmonize meta box positions and screen column layout for all backend users of your WordPress installation.

Start by installing ‘Global Meta Box Order’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, follow the given steps:

  1. Switch to a post, a page, a custom post type, or the dashboard
  2. Change the order and position of a meta box(s)
  3. Change the column layout
  4. Switch to a different user (You may use Test User Role and User Switching plugin for instant user switching)
  5. Now you may see your changes applied on post/page/post type edit screens and dashboard.

How it works? There are no configuration options to set, the plugin works on a blueprint user whose screen settings for meta boxes (visibility, position and ordering) and column layout are cloned for other backend users on the fly. And by default, this blueprint user is the first admin user found on the website.

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