How To Create Premium Posts In WordPress?

Creating premium content means creating the posts (or a part of it) and requiring your website visitors to pay in-order to read it. Content For Money is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to hide a section or entire content of your posts and pages to make them premium. The premium content can only be seen by website members whereas non members can read the hidden content only if they pay the set amount through PayPal.

How To Create Premium Posts In WordPress?

To start using Content For Money in your WordPress site. First install and activate it (See: How to install a plugin?). After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Content For Money page and enter your PayPal email (where you will be receiving your payments), set a default price, currency (default is US dollar), and the custom message to display in place of premium content.

How To Create Premium Posts In WordPress? 2

Save the settings. Now for creating premium content (like a post or page or some part of it) simply wrap your content inside [paycontent] & [/paycontent] shortcodes.

For Example:

[paycontent] Here Goes Your Content… [/paycontent]

With this shortcode the nested content will be hide and the message you wrote in the settings area will appear with a PayPal button. The price for this content will be the default price you set in the settings area.

Example: (Using A Custom Amount)

Using amount parameter you set a custom price for the premium content. In the given example we have set the price to 11$.

[paycontent amount='11'] Here Goes Your Content… [/paycontent]

Another Example: (Hiding Comments)

Using display_comments parameter you can hide the comments giving ‘no’ value to this parameter, as shown in the following example:

[paycontent display_comments='no'] Here Goes Your Content… [/paycontent]


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